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MagnaPearl® Effect Pigments

MagnaPearl® pearlescent pigments are specially engineered to deliver superior whiteness, brilliance, and coverage. Available in a variety of particle sizes, MagnaPearl® pigments create extraordinary optical effects and give products a delicate silver-white color. MagnaPearl is made of mica coated with titanium dioxide. MagnaPearl is free of solvents and heavy metals.


Particle size of MagnaPearl®:

MagnaPearl® 1000 8-48 microns (satin effect)
MagnaPearl® 2000 5-25 microns (flannel effect)
MagnaPearl® 3000 MagnaPearl® 3000 2-10 microns (high hiding power)
MagnaPearl® 4000 MagnaPearl® 4000 15-150 microns (twinkling effect)
MagnaPearl® 5000 MagnaPearl® 5000 14-95 microns (glitter effect)
MagnaPearl® 8000 MagnaPearl® 8000 5-80 microns


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