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Sicopal® is primarily available in two colors: black and yellow. The black series belongs to functional pigments, while the yellow series consists of pigments that do not contain lead chromate metal ions. These yellow pigments offer high coverage and gloss, excellent lightfastness, weather resistance, and resistance to acids and alkalis. They can withstand temperatures of approximately 180 degrees Celsius. Additionally, this product line includes some black pigments used in cool roof coatings.

Product Name Composition International Color No. Product Description
Sicopal® Black L 0095 PBr 29 Sicopal® pigments have infrared reflection properties, making them effective in reducing heat, especially when used in primers. However, if opaque pigments are used in the topcoat, this cooling effect may be diminished.
Sicopal® Blue K 6210 PB 28
Sicopal® Blue K 6310 PB 28
Sicopal® Blue L 6210 PB 28
Sicopal® Brown K 2595 PY 119
Sicopal® Brown K 2795 FG PBr 29
Sicopal® Green K 9610 PG 50
Sicopal® Orange K 2430 PO 82
Sicopal® Yellow K 1120 FG PY 184
Sicopal® Yellow K 1160 FG PY 184
Sicopal® Yellow L 1120 PY 184 These inorganic high-performance pigments, known for their high coverage and gloss, are suitable for various applications, including automotive coatings, coil coatings, powder coatings, and architectural paints.
Sicopal® Yellow L 1130 Sicopal® Yellow EH 1567 PY 184

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